Tuesday, November 23, 2010

2 US makeup haul - La Girl and La Colors

When Cherry Culture had another one of its big offers i decided to try some of the LA Colors eyeshadow sets as id seen some good swatches of them. I also picked up 3 more of the lovely LA Girl Creme Lipsticks.

I love buying from Cherry Culture in some regards as i ordered this batch a month ago, and sort of forgot about it, so its always a nice surprise when the package does arrive!
( CC always pack their items very well and ive not received a broken item yet).

La Colors do a few different eye shadow sets and their Baked sets are I believe new to the brand. I picked up 2 sets - Neptune and Black Hole. I also bought one of their 5 color metallic shadow sets called Mesmerize.
The packaging for the baked shadows is a round domed plastic case. Opening is a bit hard as you have to pry it open, no press down catch or similar. The packaging for the 5 set is a rectangular case and is easier to open as there is a little lip to hold when you pull the lid open.

Baked Eyeshadow set Neptune -
 Colours in the pan are - All shimmery type - bright pink with slight blue flash,  metallic pinky purple with slight blue flash, mustardy old gold and sky blue

Swatched -  the pink and purple stay true to colour, but the blue appears duller and the gold darker. My favourite shades are the purple and the gold, as the gold isnt bright, its more a darkened gold, The purple i love of course, as well, i love all purples!

Baked eye shadow set Black Hole -

Shades in the pan - frosty white, gunmetal silver with irridescent shimmer, a greyish metallic purple and a frosty  black.

Shades when applied - shimmery bright white, gunmetal silver with slight shimmer, shimmery purple grey and a matt black. The black reminds me of in texture, charcoal sticks, like those used in art classes. It also applies similarly. Very dark, very smoky.

This is my first foray into baked eyeshadows and these sets are ok compared to the usual pressed and loose shadows i have. They dont pick up as easily as a pressed shadow though, which ive heard can be a problem with the baked type. They also dont have the creaminess of pressed or loose shadows.
Once i've gotten used to the difference in texture though, i think i'll grow to like these shadows. Black Hole especially, as all the shades work well together in that set.

1 M.U.A. Superdrugs bargain makeup brand - eyeshadows review

Superdrug have their own makeup range called Makeup Academy or M.U.A. and everything is £1. yep...£1!
( There was another bargain makeup range by the name Makeup Academy around a while back..but this is not the same one)

Ive not had a good look through the entire collection but i did pick up some of the eyeshadows as they looked like dupes for more expensive brands, that even Superdrug stock - Accessorize and Famous by Sue Moxley.( yeah not much more expensive, but when everything is a £1, anything will be more expensive!)

I bought shades 9, 10, 12 and 13. - 3 purples and a duotone brown shade that apparently is a dupe for a MAC shade...not that i know which one, as im not that big a fan of MAC.(.overpriced in my opinion - i only own some of the lipsticks and a couple of pigments before i discovered mineral makeup!)
All shadows i picked are called pearl shades. MUA also have mattes which i haven't tried yet.

Here are the shades Swatched -

below cut is review -

13 is a blackened has a flash of royal purple on a dark black purple base. Goes on well and lasts along time, but isnt as creamy as 9 and 12. Dupe in colour for same shades in Accessorize and Famous ranges.


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